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Failed to Start StoneDB

Many issues will cause start failures of StoneDB. If StoneDB cannot be started, we recommend you check whether any error information is recorded in mysqld.log. This topic describes common causes of a start failure of StoneDB.

Improper parameter settings

If the failure is caused by improper parameter settings, check mysqld.log to see which parameters are improperly configured.

The following example indicates that parameter datadir is improperly configured.

[ERROR] failed to set datadir to /stonedb/install/dataxxx/

Denial to access resources

If the port is occupied, the directory owner is incorrect, or the permission on the directory is insufficient, you cannot access the directory.

Error: unable to create temporary file; errno: 13

Damaged data pages

If a relevant data page is damaged, StoneDB cannot be started. In this case, you must restore the data page from a backup.